St. John's Senior Secondary School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Estb. 1882

Education Policy

All disciplines of education proceed by the participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the human race. This process begins unconsciously almost at birth and its continually shaping the child's powers, saturating his consciousness, forming his habits, training his ideas, sharpening his intellect and arousing his feelings and emotions. Through this unconscious but continuous process of education the child mentally and chronologically grows and gradually comes to share the moral, intellectual and scientific resources which humanity has so far succeeded in getting together. He becomes an inheritor of the accumulated wealth of knowledge which the civilization has been able to achieve. The most formal, the most elementary or the highly technical education in the world can not safely depart from general basic process. It can only organise it, or differentiate it in some particular direction.

St. John's School strongly believes that the only true education of a child comes through the stimulation of his own mental and physical powers restricted and dictated by the demands of the social situations in which he finds himself. This education process has two aspects - one psychological and the other sociological. Both these important aspects are organically related and education can not be regarded as a compromise between the two, or a superimposition of the one upon the other. We at our school ensure both these factors must be given utmost care and attention at every level of education. As educationists we also realise that if we forego the psychological factor which is individual we shall be left only with an inert and lifeless mass of a child in a class room and negligence of the sociological factor shall turn an otherwise normal child into an abstract unit.

Education as St. John's begins with a psychological insight into the child's capabilities, his capacities and interest including habits. It is controlled at every point by reference to these considerations. These powers, interests and habits are continuously interpreted and monitored with reviews dispatched to the parents for their appreciation and cooperation.

Interaction of parents with respective teachers of their wards is encouraged in consultation with the Principal for we believe that school life should grow gradually out of the home life. It should take up and continue the activities with which the child is already familiar with, rather imposing alien habitat, or strange surroundings.

Religion, caste, creed sex is never a hinderance in pursuit of knowledge and learning nor of any consideration for the purpose of admission. Patriotic feeling and dignity of equality are inculcated among the students.

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