St. John's Senior Secondary School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

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St. John's Senior Secondary School, Meerut Cantt. is an English Medium Christian Minority Institution founded in 1882, with a touch of class and stress on exclusive personalised education. The school with its high ideals promises its students exceptional values and unbeatable education. With The Almighty's blessings, the school has reached glorious heights under the former exceptionally gifted Principal and a wonderful human being, Mrs. Chandralekha Jain, who passionately and selflessly devoted herself to the school. The institution is now headed by Dr. Shimona Jain, who works with equal passion, dedication and sincerity. Great stress is laid on the inculcation of high ideals, gentlemanly behaviour, moral rectitude and to create an environment in which the growing minds of the pupils may develop through their own activity, aided and guided by the teachers. All students are given a comprehensive course in moral science to train them in character building. It aims at helping its members to realise spiritual, moral, intellectual and aesthetic values.

It is an institution of repute and recognition, dedicated to impart quality education, over all character building and refined disciplined way of life. The location and the building offer a healthy, clean and serene environment in spacious surroundings for perfect growth of children and acquisition of virtues vital in the process of learning.

The medium of instruction is fundamentally English and great importance is laid upon fluency in spoken English with correct pronunciation and diction. Hindi is taught as a National Language with equal importance.

At St. John’s, well-worn, well-loved traditions have been established; kinship born of shared learning, shared faith and a shared indomitable spirit, have been fostered. It is a place that educates, matures, shapes character and sends the students out into the world with a secure foundation of knowledge and values.

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